Why use smartphones and GPS mounts for motorcycles

One of the good advice that they have always given us at home is to go the right way, and what better to accomplish than having a good GPS. Today there are many devices with GPS function that tell us the correct route, the problem comes when we want to use it on a motorcycle. Most devices are not prepared to withstand the inclement weather. Have you tried to leave your Smartphone or GPS at the mercy of a rainy day? It is very possible that after that experience it only serves as a paperweight.

Luck for motorcyclists the Italian brand GIVI has given us a new family of smartphones and waterproof motorcycle GPS designed to make our lives easier. With an innovative design and using advanced technology, it responds to a market need that was a little helpless until now.

These new models allow, through a simple installation, quickly and safely place for our mobile devices on any type of motorcycle.

With the innovative fastening system based on the Trancklock technology designed by GIVI, each and every one of the stands of the collection is installed with a simple click on the handlebar of our motorcycle. The kits are made up of two parts, the handlebar fixing system and the device container. There is also a special accessory for handlebars that do not have the round section.

The Italian design is evident in many quality details with which they have equipped their equipment, such as the sun visor, EVA filler (micro porous insulating material of high resistance and density that absorbs vibrations), zippers, transparent window for tactile use of the device, input for power cable , waterproof case, etc.

Different options with a single objective

At this time there are several models available that give us different possibilities to get a better adaptation to our device. Let’s see the main differences.

The S951 can accommodate smartphones and GPS with screens up to 3.5″. The position of the sun visor indicates that it is designed to be used mainly in vertical position, although we can change the orientation to our liking (as in the other models). It incorporates an extra safety strap. Its design is based on the iPhone 4.

The S952 also works for browsers and telephones with screens up to 3.5″, but in this case we find the visor positioned on the long side, optimizing its use in horizontal position.

The S953 allows us to transport devices with screens up to 4.3″. The parasol is also found on the horizontal side.

The S954 has capacity for models with screen up to 5″ and has been developed for use in horizontal position.

Apart from the supports, GIVI puts at our disposal the S951KIT2, an accessory for round or hidden handlebars that allows to install the navigator on most motorcycles on the market and is compatible with all family navigators.

In short, there are no excuses, whoever gets lost on a motorcycle is because he wants to.