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Tips to Help You Ace Your CBT Test

In the United Kingdom, if you want to ride a motorcycle or a moped you will need to take the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. This course has several sections that have to be passed successfully so that you can be given the legal permit to ride down the roads. This permit lasts for two years. Preparing for a test can be daunting for the best of us, but this article can provide you with some quick tips and tricks that can help with your CBT test.

Take It Easy

The CBT test is not really a test, but can be thought of as more of a long training session. If your instructor is pleased and satisfied with your performance throughout the day and observes that you have the necessary road awareness, then you are given a certificate that allows you to ride your bike out on the streets. Even if your instructor isn’t fully satisfied, you can always go back the next day and go through the course again. So if you don’t “pass” the test the very first day, you still didn’t fail. There is no deadline and no limit to the number of times you can go through the course, so you can sit back and relax. No need to pull an all-nighter!

Go Through the Theory

While your instructor will take your overall ability into account, it is important to also have some basic theoretical knowledge. For example, you should be able to identify what different road signs in the UK stand for, as well as the Highway Code. In addition, you should know the rules that apply to moped and motorcycle users. During the test, the instructor will also observe how quickly and accurately you are able to gauge the other riders’ actions. So make sure you prepare for these theoretical topics.

Familiarize Yourself with a Motorbike

During the CBT test, the instructor will introduce you to an actual bike and show you how to manage the controls. It is always better to acquaint yourself with a bike before showing up for the test so that you have some idea of what the instructor is talking about instead of feeling lost.

Check Out a Training School

There are various motorcycle training schools that also offer the CBT course. There are five key sections: introduction and eyesight testing, on-side training, on-site riding, on-road training and on-road riding. The school will essentially give you a run-through of what is going to happen on the actual day of the CBT test. London Motorcycle Training is an approved training school, so call them right away for a comprehensive training session.