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How to Choose the Correct Winch for your Vehicle

Chances are that you have purchased your first all-terrain vehicle and are planning to purchase a winch for it. Winches, apart from being essential are a pleasant add-on for an all-terrain vehicle. Consider why you purchased the vehicle? You wanted to get off the beaten path. However, getting trapped in unchartered routes is a too frequent event. However, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a winch, as it is quite costly and is something that you will probably never use. However, there will be occasions when you require to use the winch and ensure that it works properly. So how do you determine the type of winch you need. The weight of the vehicle is a crucial factor you need to consider before searching online for stores that sell these gadgets. Find below some important factors worth considering when you plan to purchase your first or next winch.

The weight of your vehicle

The weight of your vehicle is the first thing to take into consideration. For the uninitiated, winches are classified by load rating. The typical task of the ATV winch is to get your vehicle unstuck. Remember, you need to add the weight of other things you are carrying in your vehicle to arrive at the total weight the winch has to lift. The best way to determine the weight of a fully loaded vehicle is to get it weighed on a truck scale. Make sure that the winch you choose should have a tugging capability of 1.5 to 2 times the weight of your fully loaded vehicle. If you search online for winches for all-terrain vehicles, you might find yourself to be perplexed. There are so many alternatives and variations in the price that will drive you crazy.

The size of the winch

Once you have found out the weight of your fully loaded vehicle, you have to consider the capacity of the winch. Remember, higher winch capacity is always better. As mentioned above, the winch you select should have a pulling power that is 1.5 to 2 times the gross weight of the vehicle. This includes the base weight, the cargo, and the weight of the passengers. Therefore, if the gross weight of your vehicle is 2 tonnes, opt for a winch that has a minimum capacity of 3 tonnes. Although the one and a half times rule is the industry standard, you should choose a model whose capacity is more than that. You also have to select the type of winch.

Types of winches

You have two main options to choose from: electric and hydraulic winch. The difference between the two is the source of power. While electric winches are connected to the vehicle battery, hydraulic winches are powered by the vehicle power steering pump. Of these two, the electric winch is the most widely used type. They cost less than the hydraulic winch and are quite durable. The drawback is that the electric winch can overheat if you use them for extended periods. Therefore opt for a hydraulic winch if you plan to use it throughout the day. Remember, the engine of your vehicle must be running continuously when using a hydraulic winch because the power steering pump of your vehicle operates them.


It is always better to buy a winch manufactured by a reputable brand as cheaper priced winches have motors that are likely to burn up than the motors used in more costly models. Ensure that the winch contains metal pieces and not plastic ones. Some of the popular brands include Maypole, Tepa-Mec, Novawinch, Warrior, and Gebuwin. All of them have their pros and cons. If you still have any doubts about the best winch for your vehicle, visit Super Power Winch, the leaders in winches in the United Kingdom. Their friendly staff will help you determine the appropriate winch for your vehicle.