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Will F1 change its qualifiers? 

F1 has submitted a proposal to change the format of how its drivers can qualify. This proposal has suggested a fourth knockout step, although it has not been agreed for this year’s F1. This segment, which will be referred to as Q4, will involve eight drivers competing for that all-important pole position. For this change to be pushed through in time, all the teams involved in F1 would have to agree to the proposed plans.

What has been proposed?

The idea that has been put forward is that F1 would add a fourth qualifying session to its long-established three-tiered qualifying rounds. With this change would come a reformatting of when drivers would be knocked out at each stage: four would be eliminated within the first three phases, leaving Q4 with eight drivers competing.

Why does F1 want to change?

Fans of F1 and F1 Paddock Club Monaco are likely to be wondering why this change has been suggested. The sessions will be slightly shorter and it has been said that this could create more action and unpredictability, which is great for those who enjoy watching the action from the F1 Paddock Club Monaco.

What about what happened in 2016?

People who watched the action from the F1 Paddock Club Monaco are likely to remember the disaster that was the F1 elimination method of 2016. This was widely criticised and only lasted for two weekends of racing. It was set up to energise the race, with drivers being knocked out every 90 seconds; however, it was completely unpredictable for all the wrong reasons. Not many cars were left on the track by the end of Q3, making the idea a really bad one and seeing it promptly scrapped.

Why has this new change been suggested?

Change does not always appear to be a great idea for F1. The current system was introduced back in 2006 and has been a roaring success ever since; however, the owners of F1 have changed and the new owners believe that a significant revamp could improve the overall experience for viewers. Believing that the greatest asset for Formula 1 is its fans, they intend to overhaul the rules to make sure everyone gets to see the greatest show possible.