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Know More About Tesla Cars

Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles. The company was founded by Elon Musk, who also created PayPal. He wants to change the way we travel by creating sustainable energy sources.

In 2016, Tesla became the largest car manufacturer in the US. They sell their cars through dealerships or directly from their website.

Tesla is known for its high-performance electric cars. Their latest model, Model 3, is a compact sedan that comes at a low-price tag. This makes them affordable for everyone. A few years ago, people thought that electricity simply could not drive something as big and heavy as a vehicle. Electric cars are now becoming more popular, too bad there still aren’t many available so far. But things may be changing because of companies like Tesla. Tesla plans to start selling half-million electric vehicles per year within the next five years. Many large European automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Co., General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroen have decided to invest heavily into electric vehicles. So will Tesla end up dominating the market?

The first electric car built in 1884 was named “Duryea One”. The first one today was produced in 2008: it’s called the “Lamborghini Reventon” and it costs over $70000. It gets a range of 250 miles on one charge which is very little if you compared to gasoline. In 2015, Toyota came out with an all-electric car, the Mirai. It can go 620 miles on a single tank of gas. Nowadays most consumers don’t care about getting rid of fossil fuels, they just want to improve their lifestyle.

Electricity isn’t exactly the most powerful form of power but then again neither is gasoline. Electricity can be converted to different kinds of engines. E85 ethanol for example is made from corn. If the oil were going away tomorrow, what would happen? Would anyone make any alternative fuel other than ethanol? Today nearly everything runs off petroleum products, whether it’s your stove top, refrigerator, or car. And almost everything else runs on either coal or natural gas so it seems like the petroleum industry is here to stay. Coal produces around 30% of America’s electrical power while Natural Gas produces 60%. That means that 70% of electrical production comes from oil! Do you think that we need to continue burning oil? Is alternative power even possible? There is no real answer to that question as long as fossil fuels stay cheap. Cheap oil is a major cause to global warming.

Maintenance of Tesla cars:

Electricity does require maintenance, though, if properly maintained, an EV won’t last forever. On average an electric car lasts 10 years – 20k Miles, but some EVs might get 50 kms / 30 k miles before needing a battery replacement. Maintenance includes charging stations, proper air conditioning filters, making sure your tires are always inflated properly, etc.

A recent study conducted by Consumer Reports found that “the average Nissan Leaf battery requires recharging approximately every 8 months for optimal driving range.” However, based on factors including temperature, humidity, driving habits, and weather conditions, the life span of a battery varies greatly.

The cost of ownership:

The cost of ownership is much higher for electric cars than traditional gas-powered cars. The main reason being that batteries are expensive compared to gas tanks and require more energy to replace. Additionally, replacing a battery is usually more difficult than changing the oil in a conventional car. This adds additional cost, time and effort to maintaining them.

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