Rent a car from curaçao airport

Do you want to drive your favorite car on the beautiful island Curaçao? We offer small cars to large family cars and luxury SUV’s These are available from just $40 a day! Upon your arrival at Hato airport one of our cars can be waiting for you, our representatives will make sure you receive your car on time at curaçao airport so you can be on your way and explore the beautiful island of curaçao

Everything you need to know about renting a car from curaçao airport

Curaçao is a sunny, beautiful destination for a beach holiday. Are you planning your trip to Curaçao and are you looking for an easy, safe way to get around the island? Then consider choosing justdrive curaçao for travelling around. Curaçao is an excellent island to enjoy with your whole family. Since using public transport can be a real hassle, why not rent a car on Curaçao? No need to walk or wait during day trips anymore. Bringing one or more infants with you? Our cars will ensure they get around safely.

Why you should rent a car from curaçao airport

No delays at the car rental point, but a smooth travelling experience for all our customers. Want to know more about our cars? Check out our rental cars today and choose the vehicle that fit your needs.

We can offer tips on the best drives, parking and other important matters. Want to know more about our services and cars? Or want our recommendations for your trip? Contact us today.

Did you know?

·        Lowest prices

·        Pickup and Drop off

·        Unlimited mileage

·        24/7 service

·        Change of car in case of breakdown

·        Free baby-seat (on request)

·        GPS for $6 a day (on request)

·        More then 1 driver (for free!)

So what are you waiting for? Make this trip your best one yet!