How to Keep Your Car Looking New Inside and Out

If you’re like many, your car is your pride and joy, and depending on the modifications, you may have more detailing to do than a stock version of your vehicle. . As well as taking you to and from work, it’s a symbol of your success and one of the most significant investments you’re likely to make. Additionally, a car quickly gets a personality and almost becomes a member of the family. With this in mind, you want to keep him/her as clean as possible, both inside and out. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips for you today!

Park Carefully and Cleverly

As they say, prevention will always be better than a cure. First things first, make conscious decisions about where you park. If you can leave it in a garage rather than on the street, it will stay in a better condition. If possible, during the day, look for cover. Can you protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays, bird excrement, tree sap, and other potential causes of staining? If you are leasing a car, this is especially important, you don’t want to return the vehicle beat up and in poor condition.

Make a Continual Effort

With some car owners, they ignore all cleaning duties until they can’t take it anymore. The inside is piled with rubbish, and the outside is muddy and dirty. Suddenly, they face a whole Sunday afternoon just trying to get it back to a half-decent state. Why put yourself through this when you can clean as you go? Here are some tips;

  • Make a new rule never to leave trash in the car
  • Always wipe deposits off your vehicle right away (don’t let them build or stain)
  • Ensure that all guests in your car know the rules
  • Don’t eat in your car

Not only do small cleaning steps make your life easier, but they also prevent deposits from solidifying and becoming almost impossible to get off. Clean as you go with microfiber cloths, rather than letting it build into a mammoth task.

Keep Cleaning Products in the Car

We’ve mentioned bird excrement, and this is because these droppings are very dangerous for our cars. The longer they sit on the surface, the more likely they are to etch the paint. Therefore, we highly recommend keeping everything you need to clean the car. With a couple of microfiber towels and a cleaning spray, you can spot clean whenever required.

Clean and Dry Regularly

Now that you’re spot-cleaning as you go, the weekly clean and dry won’t take quite so much of an investment in your time. With a mild detergent, you can remove the grime and dirt without causing damage to the paint. When you’ve finished, wash away the remnants of the soap with water and use a chamois to dry. If you leave it to air dry, you will get watermarks and could even get streaks from where the detergent sits.

Polish Frequently

We all want a shining car, but how do we make this happen? Well, walking down the car cleaning aisle in the store is difficult because there are dozens of different products. In our experience, you don’t need to go over the top. Rather than picking up all sorts of polishes and waxes, we recommend choosing one (they’re made to achieve the same goal – a shining car).

While some will say that traditional wax gives a more vibrant shine, others will tell you that a synthetic polish is more durable than a natural product. Fortunately, most products protect against UV rays, so it’s all about testing different solutions and finding what works for your car. Polishing cars is a craft in itself, you can always reach out to a car detailing expert for advice on polishing and waxing.

Vacuum and Interior Detailing Spray

With the outside sparkling, all that’s left is to vacuum the inside while using an interior detailing spray to clean the surfaces. If you can follow these tips and continually clean rather than doing it all at once, your car will always look new both inside and out!