Virginia Auto Insurance

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Most people need to have auto car insurance

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Getting insurance for your vehicles is very important

Insurance is a very essential thing to have since it is considered as a form of risk management that is mainly used in order to prevent any risk of a significant monetary loss or financial dilemmas. It is otherwise defined as an impartial transfer of the risk of a loss coming from one body to another in exchange for a reasonable affordable monetary compensation. An insurer is usually the one that sells the insurance while the insured or otherwise known as the policyholder is the one who makes use of the insurance policy. These days, there are already many different types of insurance. An example of this is the insurance you get for your car.

The rules and the terms to be followed with regards to car insurance basically depend on a lot of factors. One of these is the location of your car to be registered. In the United States, getting insurance for your car is considered to be vital. However, every state in this country follows different rules when it comes to having car insurance. Let us take for example the state of Virginia. Virginia may be part of the US along with the rest of the states; however, it follows a different law compared to the law implemented by the state of California when it comes to car insurance. So, if you would like to know more about Virginia car insurance and dwell deeper on the rules and steps to be followed in order to get your car insured, then read on.

If you own a car and is currently residing in the state of Virginia, it is important for you to know the different rules implemented by the state about getting your car insured. Virginia basically requires all of its car owners like you to establish a financial responsibility in order to ensure that your car is covered especially in times or events where it is involved in any type of accident.

But how can you ensure financial responsibility?

This can actually be done by purchasing or buying liability insurance from carriers that are licensed by the state of Virginia to sell auto coverage within the said location. However, Virginia also allows all its vehicle owners to pay the fee posted by the UMV or what is called the Uninsured Motor Vehicle. This allows you to register your vehicle without buying liability insurance. Basically, the UMV fee costs up to $500 and is only valid for a year or 12 months. Aside from this, UMV also does not offer its payers any kind of financial protection.

This means that the payment is only for registration purposes. Once you are involved or part of any kind of accident, all damages made will still fall under your personal liability. As you can see, paying the Uninsured Motor Vehicle is just a quick or fast way in accomplishing all the requirements needed for the vehicle registration. Nevertheless, this is not useful in providing you with financial security and protection in times of car or vehicular accidents. Because of this, it is still advisable for you to purchase liability insurance rather than paying the 500-dollar fee for the UMV registration.

In Virginia, the state requires all of its car owners to get their vehicles insured with insurance policies that can meet the standards or the requirements posted by the state. These requirements include the policy to have 50,000-dollar coverage for bodily injury and as well as the death of two or more individuals; 25,000-dollar coverage for bodily injury with 1 person dead and a total of 20,000 dollars for all property damages. In addition to these, there are also other types of coverage involved with traditional auto insurance policies.

As part of the mandatory car insurance law of the State of Virginia, all drivers or owners of vehicles are required to carry at all times their proof of any insurance or UMV of all times. Once you are caught without any proof of insurance or payment of the UMV fee, your vehicle and driving registration will be suspended for quite some time. In order to regain back the registration, you are required to pay the 500-dollar UMV fee and file a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate or FRIC with the DMV for 3 years. A reinstatement fee is also required to be paid (if applicable) before the suspension over the vehicle registration can be uplifted. It is also important that the insurance carrier that is authorized to do business within the state of Virginia must underwrite all the auto insurance policies in the area.

As for the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, this is actually not required in Virginia

This is due to the fact that most of the insurance companies in Virginia recommend all the drivers to carry or to have a higher coverage in comparison to the state minimums. Aside from this, the state of Virginia also allows the exclusion of a member of the household from the policy that you have. The Virginia car insurance also legalizes the auto insurance company to write or make a policy that excludes the members of the household that are considered high risk based on their driving history or record. These are actually listed as part of the exclusion section of the insurance policy in addition to all the circumstances wherein the insurance company can be freed from any responsibility in paying for the car. Because of these exclusions and exceptions, it is very important for you to read and understand first all of the rules stated in the insurance policy prior to signing it.

The Virginia car insurance also includes the rules with regards to insurance lapses

When your insurance lapses the registration period in the state of Virginia, it is recommended to reinsure the vehicle as soon as possible. You can either pay the UMV fee or you can surrender or give up the license plates to the DMV. It is essential for you to be aware that the Virginia DMV monitors the insurance coverage with the use of the Insurance Verification Program or IVP. The insurance carriers in the state provide the DMV with all the electronic updates of the insured information as well as the vehicle description once their insurance has lapsed or has been canceled.

As soon as you have registered the vehicle, you are already obliged or required to continuously pay or cover the financial responsibility. Not paying the required payment can provide certain consequences which include the confiscation of your driver’s license and your registration certificate. Aside from this, your license plates will also be confiscated. A 500-dollar statutory fee will also be required in addition to other fees that are needed for the reinstatement of your license and car registrations. These are just some of the details that you must keep in mind about Virginia car insurance.