Know the Types of Car Headlight Bulbs

No one has noticed the so-called “signature” of cars that have LED headlights nowadays. With low power consumption and immense design possibilities, technology has taken the automotive market in recent years. The most luxurious models, even, use it in almost all internal and external lighting. But what are the types of light bulbs we have today and how do they work?

Halogen lamp

The halogen lamp is the type most used to date and cheaper as well. Its principle does not run too far from the homemade lamp, that is, it is incandescent illuminating by means of a resistance. In automobiles they reach a color temperature range of 2,500 to 3,500 Kelvin. In this interval they end up varying in a yellow color that has as positive point does not overshadow the driver in the opposite direction.

Xenon lamp

It is also a type of halogen lamp, however, uses xenon gas instead of halogen gas. Its main difference is the higher durability and the higher temperature that can be white (around 6,000 Kelvin), blue (between 8,000 and 10,000 Kelvin) and violet (up to 12,000 Kelvin). With this, the light emitted by the Xenon lamp can be up to three times stronger than the halogen.

Led lamp

The LED lights have revolutionized many industries. Because they work in a totally different way from halogen and Xenon, they are more economical and versatile. The reason is that the LED uses another technology to produce light. Instead of an incandescent filament, it has a LED strip (light emitting diode) that when the electricity is illuminated. With this it is more economical and with much better durability.

Laser Light Bulbs

It is currently the most promising technology in the industry. The first advantage is in size: the laser diode is capable of creating a luminous flux in just one thousandths of a millimeter. Its brightness is four times that of the LED, that is, its size will be much smaller than the current sets.

For now they are best suited for use on highways because they illuminate perfectly at long distances.

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