Before putting into practice any of the following useful tips on how to improve the diesel performance in trailers , it is necessary to think about carrying out a small training course for drivers. The fact that the drivers have a license to drive this type of transport does not mean that they automatically know how to get the most out of the unit.

Excessive acceleration, excessive speed and keeping the engine running when the vehicle is not running are three of the main reasons for fuel waste and, consequently, for money. Proper training of each driver where savings strategies are disclosed can become the best way to make fuel efficient throughout the fleet.

Moving on to more specific advice, one of the main ones is speed reduction. Numerous studies conducted by universities and engine manufacturers have shown that those who run the most can barely save about 3 minutes per hour, in exchange for using 40% more fuel and increase toxic emissions by up to 400%.

Reducing the load to be transported is also an important factor to consider when thinking about how to reduce diesel fuel consumption in trailers. To notice an improvement in mileage per liter, it is enough to reduce the weight of the merchandise by barely 100 lbs. Of course, the lower the load is, the greater the fuel efficiency.

Using a fuel management system is the most powerful way to lower fuel usage while increasing the productivity of the fleet . On-site replenishment, automated fuel tracking and telematics are three very useful management systems to achieve greater fuel efficiency.

Carrying out a management of mobile assets in a technologically advanced way is also a great idea. Among other things, through the use of technology it is possible to obtain valuable information about the performance of the vehicle (such as the mileage traveled and the performance of the engines) and give the driver tools to improve their work (such as itinerary planning and mapping software.

As additional advice, updating the fleet whenever possible, as well as making the necessary adjustments to the trailers on a regular basis and inflating the tires properly (this could save up to two weeks of annual diesel), will add to the mission of reducing fuel at the same time they increase the security not only of the transport, but of the merchandise and of course, the driver.