How to Move Cross Country Without Driving

I recently moved cross country and I placed a lot of miles and wear and tear on my vehicle. It also took me 19 hours of straight driving time to get to my destination. It would have been so much easier on my car and myself if I had researched ways to get my vehicle to my destination without having to drive there. Have you ever thought of moving cross country without having to drive there too? I wish I had!

Years ago there weren’t vehicle transportation companies, like, that would take your car and literally deliver it to your doorstep. Last year I moved from Georgia to New York. I know it was a very big change for my family. I wish I knew about all of the different ways to transport my vehicle other then me driving there. The stress of moving was more than enough on me. Then I had to turn around and drive my family cross-country to our new home. Wow, that was not fun.

We moved with only 6 suitcases to our name because we sold off everything we owned to start anew in our new State. It was very hard resettling into a new state as is, not to mention all of the stress we now learned we could have avoided had we had someone else to transport our automobile for us. Imagine, I could have been sipping tea on an airplane, bus or train while my automobile was being safely taken to our new home. I feel so cheated. I was driving the long interstates when I could have been enjoying time with my family. SO, here are my suggestions to be able to move cross country without driving.

Do Your Research and Calculate Out the Costs

I would make a list of vehicle transportation companies and see what is available out there. Also, ask your friends for referrals if possible. This way you have an idea what is available to you. Make sure that you are comparing the wear and tear on the automobile, gas, rest station breaks, food costs, and travel expenses against the cost of transporting your vehicle. List out and estimate all of your potential costs. Make sure you account for everything. My biggest expense was getting my vehicle ready for the trip through routine maintenance. Things like a full oil change, brakes, and new tires accounted for a big chunk of my costs. Don’t forget to add in incidentals like checking in your luggage at an airport.

Select Two of the Top Companies

What you can do here is get an estimate from your list of the top two vehicle transportation companies. Then use your estimated costs you already calculated out and compare the two estimates. Don’t only look at the costs. Make sure you factor in their reputation and experience. I wish I would have known that these services existed before I made my cross-country move. I would have saved over $750.00 and 19 hours of stress and lack of sleep if I had used a vehicle transportation company.