Electric bicycles appeared on the market relatively recently, but have already won the hearts of cycling enthusiasts. Their main difference from an ordinary bicycle is the presence of an electric motor, as well as the ability to move both with the help of muscular efforts, and with electric traction. Despite the fact that such bike bikes exist relatively recently, there is already plenty to choose from. The question arises: how to choose an electric bike, what criteria should be followed when choosing?

Such bicycles are an indispensable means of transportation around the city, especially for people who are not accustomed to serious physical exertion or for the disabled. However, for ordinary people, this is a great form of transport – a good alternative to cars and motorbikes.

Given that in a city even a car rarely moves at a speed of more than 40 km / h, it is best to make your choice in favor of such a means of transportation, which is also environmentally friendly, mobile and compact. The characteristics of it include the following:

The weight of the average electric bike is in the range of 15 – 50 kg, there are models up to 70 kg;

power is supplied from the battery, which is charged from a conventional electrical network, the batteries last about three years, but sometimes more, it all depends on how advanced the model of the vehicle itself is;

Design features of electric bicycles a bicycle can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h (modern models and up to 70);

such a bike has good cross-country ability and in off-road conditions;

the characteristics include the price, which, as is commonly believed, is much higher than that of a conventional bicycle, but this is not so, the average electric bicycle costs the same as a good city bike.

From the general review of electric bicycles it is clear that this machine is not suitable for all types of movements. For example, for long country rides such a bike is not particularly suitable. Based on this, the choice will depend on the specific parameters of each model


How to choose the best model of an electric bike Before proceeding with the selection, you need to understand for what purpose a bicycle is bought. The selection criteria, the amount of money to be spent will depend on this. In other words, an electric bike is needed to:

-Ride around the city

-Take short rides out of town

-To move on hilly terrain

-Use mainly an electric motor when driving

-Use pedals more often than motor

-Drive at high speed (up to 50 km / h).

These motives of choice will determine the specific parameters of the vehicle that are best suited for the purpose of the trip, and they are as follows.

1.Conversion kit. This is a complete set of all parts to assemble an electric bike from a conventional two-wheeled vehicle. For those who like to mess with technology, creating something new is the best choice. And also for those who would like to ride a bike at high speed, since there is the opportunity to order a motor of the required power.

  1. Methods of controlling a bike. There are two of them: by pedaling and by adjusting the power. There are models with a combination of both, but it is preferable to control the bike’s power by pedaling, since there is a much wider selection of adjustments.
  2. Another important component of such a bike is what type of motor is used on it. The best choice is the sleeve type motor, it is mounted on the wheel itself, front or rear. The traditional type of motors that rotate the transmission is more noisy and energy-intensive, but these are not very good characteristics of a city bike.
  3. It is equally important when choosing which wheel the motor is mounted on. It is best to have it on the rear, as the front wheel has less reliability and is subject to all kinds of unexpected dangers, as a result of which the motor may be damaged; the electric bike may be damaged.
  4. Battery. This is the heart of the bike on which all his work depends. On electric bicycles, either lead or lithium batteries are installed. The lithium ones weigh less and last the most, but they are quite expensive, which generally affects the price. There are four types of batteries. And among them there is the best one. The choice is lithium phosphate. They can be charged up to 2000 times, they hold a charge for a rather long time, and this is an important characteristic for a battery.
  5. The voltage supplied by the battery also matters, the higher it is, the faster the bike is. When choosing, you must also pay attention to the battery capacity, the larger it is, the better the charge is saved and the bike will travel many kilometers. Electric bicycles with the ability to pedal have higher chances to ride longer.

All these important points are essential when choosing. When it comes time to buy a bicycle, they must be taken into account, then the best option will be purchased.

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