5 ways to become a professional racing driver

It is advisable to begin training for professional racing driver by going to a racing school perhaps is the first step towards becoming a professional racing driver. With the training classes, you need to pay attention to your reaction time, speed control, and the ability to predict the moves of other competing drivers. The earlier you learn about remaining calm and focused even under tensed racing conditions, the faster you will learn to become a pro racer. Here are the top 5 ways to become a professional racing driver;

Enrolled at Local Race Track Classes

There are lots of racetrack owners especially in the bigger cities in the UK where car driving classes, plus real racing experience are taught. You cannot become a pro racing driver until you test-drive racing cars on racetracks, even after you have been to a racing school class. Racetrack schools offer classes and training from beginner levels to the advanced levels. Getting involved in a local track will help you practice what you have learned in the classes and you will likely meet pro racing industry players who can connect you with a racing team.


Starting with a Go-Kart may also be one of the best opportunities for you to become a pro racing driver. Go-karts are not just for kids, and there are several levels of Go-karts you can consider. Go for the larger and faster go-karts because they will give you that real sense of becoming a pro racing driver that you have always wanted to become.  You may want to  go-karting first as a beginner  or complete racing classes and then enrol at your local race tracks to practice .

There are

There are varying sizes of go-kart tracks you can opt for, and you need to go for the sizes that will be more comfortable for your body sizes. Remember, you ability to have a firm control and grip on your go -karts will enhance your performance. Pay more attention  to your reaction time, and the opportunities where you can out-maneuver your competitors.

Avoid common mistakes beginners make on Go-Karting. For instance, dont move your hands on the steering wheel because Go-karts have more sensitive steering.

Go-karting is not like ordinary driving! Make sure you don’t brake too softly like you do on roads, and learn not to turn into corners too early. Don’t turn too aggressively and make sure you always look far enough when Go-karting.

Driving Simulator

A Driving Simulator can be described as a virtual Simulator for professional racing. It is a sophisticated computerized application or a kinematic simulation where you can learn how to race with a car. The ideal driving simulator comes with different features, these include A realistic  dashboard assembly with controls, an automated transmission and instrumentation.

The driving simulator comes with intelligent traffic models for different traffic scenes, and the training setup increases the levels of pro racing difficulties. Different training paces to suit different users, and you can use the simulator to create different racing environments such as rainy, foggy, snowfall and sunshine.

You can also make use of a record and playback feature to detect your errors, and some simulators do send progress reports for the user.

To use the Driving Simulator to train and become a pro racer, you have to watch three different monitors attached and a steering wheel in the middle plus a gear on your left and the pedals on the foot of the simulator. The more precise you become and learn from your mistakes, the better your chances of becoming a pro racer in the real world.

Get a Racing Car

it is possible to get fairly used turbo-racing cars from professional auto workshops. From the engine to the gearbox and transmission systems, local auto mechanics can upgrade your current car into a racing car . The amount or total cost will surely depend on your preferred specifications. Do not forget to apply for racing car licenses to avoid being arrested.

If you are truly serious about becoming a pro racer, you need your car to participate in some local competitions. There are often open-track days at your local track or course where you can test your new racing car and who knows, a potential sponsor may be at such local racing course to spot your talent and may want to offer some financial help to take your racing career to the next level at one of these events.

Join a Racing Team and Compete at Amateur Events

Now that you have practiced your skills with a simulator, and Go-Karting, you should consider joining an amateur racing team where you can compete at the amateur levels which can also be graded into F2, F3 and so on. In addition to becoming a member of a recognized amateur team, you can also get a wealth of resources you can use to develop your driving skills to progress to the next phase.

If you are lucky to join the amateur teams offered by top professional car manufacturers like Ferrari, and BMW, perhaps it will be much easier to get sponsorships for numerous amateur competitions, otherwise, you have to prove your skills to local racing teams before you can be enrolled. Keep in mind also that only racers in the amateur and professional racing league are ranked. The more competitions you attend, the higher your score and ranking.


Becoming a professional racer comes with lots of dedication and hard work, and you need to keep in mind that the more practice you make, the fewer errors you will commit and the more professional you become. It is normal to be nervous in the beginning especially when you become an amateur competing in amateur racing competitions. It is not an abnormal thing to see pro racers in Formula 1 series also committing serious blunders, what matters most is your attitude towards learning from your mistakes and making sure you don’t repeat them. Pay attention to improving your ranks at the amateur levels, when you constantly finish in the top 3 positions of the lower amateur series, you will eventually get promoted to the Professional series.